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Sixth Form Enrichment

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Music is very important at Trinity. Lots of students of all different standards join in with their musical skills. You can join any of the following: Showband, concert band, steel pans, string orchestra, choirs, or the swing band. Ideally you need to speak to music staff or other Sixth Formers. But if you play an instrument and have never played with others this is your big chance. Obviously groups rehearse, some after school and some at lunch with more time just before big events. You might yet perform in front of hundreds or thousands! Don't miss out on these really good opportunities.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone who loves Music and enjoys different styles and tastes of music who wants to show commitments and responsibility and all that is important to top level performance skills, or else just to have a lot of great times together.

Drama, Dance and Performing Arts

Are you a potential Joseph? or Maria? Every year the Performing Arts department stages a ‘Whole School Musical Production'. Places in the large chorus, who sing and dance, are open to all Trinity pupils across all year groups. Auditions are held for a specialist dance team, any acting roles and the lead singing roles. These are generally given to the older pupils, often sixth formers. The rehearsals take place after school, for about 12 weeks leading up to the performance in Spring.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone who ever fancied having a go at singing, dancing, or acting. All levels of experience are catered for from total novices to experienced thespians.

We also have backstage, design, costume, set, publicity and technical teams to help produce and run the show which are led by members of the sixth form. These productions are always great fun and they draw a real mix of students to work together on creating an exciting end product that is seen by large public audiences.

It is also suitable for anyone interested in building up team leadership skills or just being part of an exciting creative experience. There is also a programme of Theatre visits to a wide range of different styles of performance run by Mrs Marriott (Head of Performing Arts). This is open to all sixth form students. NB Listen out for other performing opportunities that crop up throughout the year including the inter-house drama competition, talent shows and various dance clubs.


This is for those of you keen to take part in representative teams in football or netball. If you would like us to look into possibilities for other competitive teams please just let us know. You must be prepared to put in practice time and to commit yourself 100% to the team. We will need a squad to choose the team from and will involve key members in coaching and team responsibilities.

Who might this be suitable for?

For those of you who enjoy competitive sport, don't mind training etc. This will help you if you wish to pursue a sport related course or show your responsibilities, skills and dedication.

Liturgy/Chaplaincy group

The school has an extensive programme of liturgies and Masses, from the small and informal to the large and very formal. There is always a need for practical help in setting up through to creative ideas to design/write the liturgies and enliven our special times together. For example, looking at how we might incorporate new music or drama and what themes are appropriate. In addition to this you may look at how we might encourage younger pupils and there will also be the opportunity to assist with the Yr 7 Advent ‘in house' retreat day.

Who might this be suitable for?

Those of you keen to continue your involvement in serving the faith community in a real and practical manner. You can develop the skills of creativity, responsibility and service as well as those like loyalty.


Many students have gone to the Briars, a Catholic retreat centre in Derbyshire near Crich. Some have gone with their parish or with their primary school, maybe even at secondary school. As a Sixth Form we usually go for a three day trip Monday evening until Thursday evening where we meet up with other Sixth Formers from local schools.

The programme is led by the staff at the Briars but tailored to the needs of Sixth Formers, and you get much more involved in what happens than when you were younger. Everyone comes back to school with a buzz and clearly having benefited from taking some time out together, as well as having made some new friends.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone who is thinking about their faith or who wishes to explore their faith all the more seriously. You don't have to be a Catholic all will be welcomed and treated equally and taken seriously. The experience will help build your faith as well as help you understand community and of course contribute to our school and your parish community.

Oakfield School

This is our local special school which is a short walk away. Some of the children are seriously disabled but they are all absolutely lovely and really appreciate the time given to them. You might help them during one of your free lessons or after school with one of their dance clubs amongst others. It is quite demanding but very rewarding (and you might get paid).

Who might this be suitable for?

Those of you interested in working with special needs youngsters, those thinking of careers in teaching or those wanting to show their nature as compassionate and dedicated as well as improving skills of teamwork and responsibility.

Paired Reading

Each Wednesday from 8.50am until 9.15am we read, but a group of Year 7 and 8 join us in the Sixth Form and they bring a book to read to Sixth Formers. You must be there every week and listen to them and take an interest in them and genuinely encourage and help them.

You will also have to do some training with us to make sure you use the time most effectively. Often more students wish to do this than we can accommodate so we may have to have some form of selection.

We also try and arrange some help for our primary schools; one or two students fulfil a similar role, paired with youngsters in the primaries. Transport and support is arranged by the EiP (Education Improvement Partnership).

Who might this be suitable for?

Those of you keen to go into teaching or working with younger children or careers where you need to prove your patience and tact as well as communication skills, and for you to develop those wider skills of communication/motivation and responsibility.

Young Enterprise

In Young Enterprise, a group of students effectively set up and run a small business for a year. They have to raise funds, decide their products or services and market them, make some money, use the profits according to their company rules, and wind up the company.

The company has various roles, including managing director, marketing director and finance director. You get special training sessions and competition opportunities for presentations etc. The group is likely to meet for a couple of hours every week. You also get an opportunity for an OCR certificate in the Young Enterprise examination.

Look at the web site for Young Enterprise (

Who might this be suitable for?

Those of you keen to go into this area (Business Management etc) for a career, those of you keen to improve those wider skills of teamwork/communication/leadership and those of you wanting some fun.

Outdoor Activities Weekend

The Sixth Form traditionally go away for two or three days to Derbyshire early on in the Autumn term. A group about 40 strong with 6 to 8 staff meet up with a group of experts in climbing, abseiling, caving, potholing, mountain biking, canoeing etc. You get to choose your activities and usually one day has a special event designed to test you a little on what you have learnt. You also manage your own cooking and cleaning, again in various teams, who even choose the menus. The weekend includes a night time walk and a special Saturday night activity, and is great fun. It allows everyone to learn new skills as well as develop some you have already got. The school thinks so highly of this activity we subsidise the trip as paying for experts would be an extra cost.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone, as it enables you to try new activities, make new friends and deepen old friendships, including getting to know your teachers a little better. You have to have a sense of fun and a willingness to try new things. It is a great weekend to prove your leadership skills, communication and motivational skills. Above all it is just huge fun.

General Studies A Level

All students will get an opportunity to take the AS (3 exams) or A2 (3 more exams) in Year 13. Most content will be covered from your other subjects with students having some advantages from the subjects they study at A Level and the odd disadvantage from those subjects not studied since GCSE. The units available at AS and A Level are Culture, Morality, Arts and Humanities, Science, Maths and Technology, Society, Politics and Economy. The overall grade attracts the usual UCAS points but the views of Universities about the qualification vary considerably. We will meet for a few lunchtime or Wednesday afternoon lessons, looking at exam techniques and the structure of the course and some past papers, maybe planning essays. The papers have a mix of multiple choice, essays, structured questions and most have an “input source material”. See

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone who wants an extra qualification, and feels they are reasonably good at a range of subjects. It is still A Level standard so will be a challenge but if you like a challenge, don't mind sitting another set of exams then have a look at the past papers and see what you think.

Sixth Form Committee

Every year we elect a group of Year 12 and 13 students as our committee, one per tutor group. They meet every week usually with a member of the Sixth Form leadership team. They make their own agenda and have a responsibility to represent their form and so some find themselves having to state their own view and a different view from their form! They might discuss anything from the state of the common room, developments they would like to see, as well as helping the staff with matters like the school calendar and exam leave etc. They also take responsibility for organising various socials throughout the year. Ofsted were full of praise for this group, not only for their common sense and supportive work but for the way the school listened and acted upon their views. One member of the group will sit on the full school council.

Who might this be suitable for?

Well this one is only for you IF you can get elected by your form. Students want you to represent them, to be thoughtful and to be seen as the sort of person who can get things done. So it really is over to you on this one, but you will prove yourself as a good leader, good communicator and sensible driving force in the Sixth Form, but don't underestimate it can be hard work!

Environment Group

A committed group of students meet weekly with staff to help us in our ‘eco-status' work in looking at green issues and sustainability. They have improved recycling in school and helped with various energy saving suggestions.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone keen to improve the school environment and who wants to see us do our full bit for the planet. You will need good ideas, a willingness to share them and find very practical solutions to issues confronting us all.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Award is widely recognised by employers. There are several main areas; service in the community, skill - developing present skills or learning something new, physical activities and expeditions. Be prepared for a lot of work in the community and with others in your peer group and lots of fun. See our D of E Microsite.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone willing to commit themselves to hard work outside school and in the community wanting national recognition from a well known and revered scheme should join.

Debating Group

The sixth form hold a debate every over week in upper school hall. The topic is chosen weekly then proposed and seconded by two students who make a brief speech each. Two opponents then speak against them. Questions are taken from the floor (audience) before a final summary and vote. The group also enter local and occasionally national competitions. The topics for debates are usually topical.

Who might this be suitable for?

Anyone keen to speak publicly, willing to debate sensibly but sharply and especially anyone quick witted with a passion for justice and fairness. Even if you are not a main speaker make sure you get along some weeks.