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Physics Detectives

After school on Thursday 19th July, twenty Year 7 pupils took on the role of Physics Detectives.

The challenge, the final Super Lab event of the academic year, aimed to build confidence in the use of data logging equipment and problem solving.

The detectives at work in the laboratory

The pupils looked into a number of potential suspects for a crime. They analysed evidence using data logging techniques to build up their case.

With many scientific measurements and observations made, all of the pupils successfully solved the mystery. A final confession tape was received just as the event came to a close.

Photo Gallery

Making Physics Matter

The event was hosted by Miss Rhodes and Mr Carradus and funded by the Ogden Trust, promoting their motto 'Making Physics Matter'. It was a great opportunity for pupils to explore science outside of the curriculum. It built on their knowledge of data logging, the use of different probes and why these methods are chosen over others.

The Year 12 Physics Ambassadors supported the event and helped make it an outstanding success - a big thank you to them.

Physics Ambassadors