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The Physics of Music Challenge

A group of Trinity Year 10 pupils took part in The Physics of Musics Challenge on Wednesday the 13th of June.

The Trinity pupils joined five other Schools taking the challenge. The Physics Department at Nottingham Trent University hosted the event as part of the The Ogden Trust Nottingham Partnership. The University Physics team put on a musical performance to encourage a great "I can perform" environment.

Photo Gallery

The Challenges

The pupils were placed in mixed school teams and took part in three challenges, making a light harp, a thongophone and a glass harp.

They calibrated their instruments to produce the correct frequency of note, and worked together to play various songs, including Pompeii, Eastenders and If You're Over Me. They looked at the theory of standing waves and the effect of changing the level of water in glasses, the length of pipes, and the electrical resistance within a circuit in relation to a light dependent resistor and the pitch of the note given.

They filmed their performances and got the chance to watch them back at the end of the day (some more successful than others!)

The Glass Harp

Year 12 Ambassadors

Year 12 pupils were trained to act as ambassadors and they did the school very proud as they helped guide the Year 10 pupils through the challenges. The Year 12 pupils also got the exciting opportunity to visit the MRI scanner and watch an undergraduate get her leg scanned!

The NTU students and staff gave a short talk showing how they got where they are now, what made them choose their A-Levels and career paths, and the need to take every opportunity available!