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Politics Trip to London

The Year 12 and 13 Politics pupils went on a tour of the Palace of Westminster to aid their understanding of Britain’s political process.

After an engaging tour of the Commons and Lords, the group met our MP, Lillian Greenwood, who spoke to the pupils about getting into politics, her work for her constituency, Brexit (of course) and Jeremy Corbyn. We are very grateful for her giving our pupils her time during such a busy day.

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We then left Westminster to walk into a Taxi driver protest that had closed the roads, providing our pupils with an excellent example of direct action. We then went to see some of the Brexit protests before walking up to Trafalgar square, past the government offices.

Black cabs

Culture and Cuisine

The group visited the British Museum for a tour of world history and culture, before heading to a restaurant for a meal together.

Thank You

Mr Howell would like to thank all the pupils for their enthusiasm during the day.