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Trinity News Archive


Sixth Form Open EveningSixth Form Open Evening

On the evening of Wednesday 17th October, The Trinity Sixth Form opened its doors to prospective Year 12 students.

Trinity Open EveningTrinity Open Evening

On Tuesday 2nd October, Trinity welcomed Year 6 pupils and their families to its annual open evening.

Physics DetectivesPhysics Detectives

After school on Thursday 19th July, twenty Year 7 pupils took on the role of Physics Detectives.

Y10 Physicist of the YearY10 Physicist of the Year

At the end of June, a Trinity pupil was nominated Year 10 Physicist of the Year, sponsored by the Ogden Trust.

The Physics of MusicThe Physics of Music

A group of Trinity Year 10 pupils took part in The Physics of Musics Challenge on Wednesday the 13th of June.

Year 7 Light LessonYear 7 Light Lesson

On Friday 22nd June, Miss Hampson's Y7 Science class worked in groups to dissect an eye and identify its structures.

Biology Field TripBiology Field Trip

On Friday the 8th of June, Trinity's Year 12 Biology students carried out fieldwork at Clumber Park.

Egg-citing Physics ChallengeEgg-citing Physics Challenge

On Friday 9th March, twelve Y10 students took part in an Egg-citing Physics Challenge at Nottingham High School.

Biomedical Sciences TalkBiomedical Sciences Talk

On 26th February, Colin Mudd of the Biomedical Science Institute spoke to pupils about the work of biomedical scientists.

CSI TrinityCSI Trinity

On Wednesday 28th February, Year 13 Applied Science students became Crime Scene Investigators for the day.

Presentation EveningPresentation Evening

Trinity held its Presentation Evening, a celebration of hard work and achievement, on 6th December in the Sports Hall.

Astrophysics LectureAstrophysics Lecture

Trinity students attended a lecture about supermassive black holes, galaxies and the evolution of the universe.

Particle AcceleratorsParticle Accelerators

On Friday 10th November, 36 students from Years 10 and 11 competed to design and build model particle accelerators.

School On ViewSchool On View

On Tuesday 3rd October, Trinity hosted its School on View for prospective Year 7 pupils for September 2018.

Biology Field TripBiology Field Trip

On Mon 3rd and Tues 4th July, groups of Y12 Biologists spent a fascinating day at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Y8 Physics ChallengeY8 Physics Challenge

On Wed 5th July, 75 Year 8 pupils from six schools competed in a series of Physics challenges, hosted by Trinity.

Spring Into ScienceSpring Into Science

On Monday 24th April, 66 Year 8 pupils took a trip to the University of Nottingham for a science lecture.

Super Lab PhysicsSuper Lab Physics

After school on Thursday 2nd February, the Physics Department held its second Super Lab event of the year.

DNA ModelsDNA Models

Year 9 have modeled the double helix of DNA in an inventive way, using sweets.

Biology AwardsBiology Awards

Two Trinity students have received special awards for their outstanding performance in last year's A-Level exams.

Medical Physics LectureMedical Physics Lecture

Trinity students attended a lecture on medical physics at the University of Nottingham on November 23rd.

Particle SmasherParticle Smasher

On Friday 11th November, Trinity competed against three other schools at the first super lab event of the year.

Chemistry ChallengeChemistry Challenge

On Wednesday 5th October, a team of six Year 9 pupils took part in a challenge to make and use a biofuel.

Sixth Form Open EveningSixth Form Open Evening

Trinity held its Sixth Form open evening for Year 11 pupils on Thursday 13th October.

QMC TripQMC Trip

On Fri 30th September, Biology students in Y12 attended an open day at the QMC Digestive Diseases Research Center.

School On ViewSchool On View

Trinity welcomed visitors to its School On View open evening on Tuesday 4th October.

Y8 Chemistry ProjectY8 Chemistry Project

In July, twelve Y8 pupils completed three months of work on a project set by Nottingham Trent University.

Shadow Puppet StoriesShadow Puppet Stories

In July, Year 7 science pupils created shadow puppets to help tell scientific stories.

Y8 Ogden OlympicsY8 Ogden Olympics

On Wednesday the 6th July the annual Ogden Olympics took place, involving 75 Year 8 students.

Biology Field TripBiology Field Trip

On the 4th and 5th of July, Year 12 biology students went on a field trip to the Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Super Lab EventSuper Lab Event

On Friday 19th March, Y11 students from Trinity, Nottingham Girls' High, and Kimberley enjoyed a night of Pi(e)!

Space ChallengeSpace Challenge

In February 2016, Mrs Rogers took a group of Y10 learners of French to the 'International Space Challenge'.

New Building ProgressNew Building Progress

Construction has now started on the new Astroturf and teaching block at Trinity.

Ecology TripEcology Trip

The Year 13 Applied Scientists visited Attenborough Nature Reserve in October.

International Space ChallengeInternational Space Challenge

A team of six Year 11 students entered the Business Language Champions International Space Challenge in October.

SciHigh Forensic DaySciHigh Forensic Day

On Wednesday 7th October, 21 Year 12 and 13 Applied Scientists investigated a mock crime scene set up by SciHigh.

Biodiesel ChallengeBiodiesel Challenge

On Wed 7th October, six Y9 students spent the day at Nottingham Trent taking part in the Biodiesel Challenge.

School On ViewSchool On View

On Tuesday 6th October, Trinity held its annual School On View evening for prospective pupils and parents.

Biology Field TripBiology Field Trip

On Monday 29th June and Wednesday 1st July, Y12 biology students visited the Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Open Day at the QMCOpen Day at the QMC

On Friday 12th June a group of very keen Year 12 biologists visited the open day at the digestive disease unit at QMC.

Science Club MicroverseScience Club Microverse

Science Club has been working with The Natural History Museum in London on a project called Microverse.

Engineering ProjectEngineering Project

On Thursday 30th April the Engineering Team travelled to Solihull for a Celebration and Assessment Day.

The Physics of MusicThe Physics of Music

On Tuesday 31st March, nine Y10 students went to Nottingham Trent University for a Physics of Music Challenge.

Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse

On Friday 20th March, we experienced a solar eclipse and were very fortunate to have such a clear sky.

Animals with ZooLabAnimals with ZooLab

On Monday 2nd February, Year 7 pupils got up close and personal with a range of animals, courtesy of ZooLab.

Physics ChallengePhysics Challenge

On Thursday 15th January, four Trinity Year 10 girls took part in the Institute of Physics Challenge Day.

Biocity LectureBiocity Lecture

Sixth Form students from Trinity attended the BioCity Annual Lecture in Nottingham on Wednesday 17th December.

International School AwardInternational School Award

Trinity has been awarded the International School Award, for schools which excel in international learning.

Physics Programming Club Physics Programming Club

On October 15th, Dr Morris from Nottingham Trent University got our Physics Programming Club started.


From the 2nd to the 4th of October, Trinity students travelled to Geneva to see the Large Hadron collider at CERN.