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The Big Push

For Activities Day, a small group of pupils chose to spend the day learning about the First World War.

The day began with Mr Stevens conducting an artefacts handling session. The pupils were thrilled to be able to try the weight of steel helmets, and to examine safely relics left over from the war.

Coping with a gas attack

After break the pupils began their re-enactment, starting with being recruited into the British army, then trained as infantrymen by Mr Howell. Mr Penhale also gave them thorough training on military engineering.

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The Front

The pupils were then sent off to the Front, and made to take over a section of trench line from the French army. After consolidating the Trench they had a go at code breaking and a rousing First World War sing-song. That just left enough time for postcards to be sent home from the Front before the barrage began to soften up the German defences for the attack. The pupils had to contend with barbed wire and enemy trench lines on the way to their final objective.

Consequences and Remembrance

After the attack, pupils then were given consequence cards so that they could discover what their fate would really have been had they taken part in such an attack, and a remembrance service was conducted to remember the fallen.

Thank You

We would like to thank Mr Gillet for his technical help on the day, Mr Stevens and Mr Penhale for their enthusiasm in running the day and to all the pupils who took part. They behaved magnificently in what was a hot and challenging day of learning, and their respectful attitude during the service was most pleasing.