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Anglo Saxon Invasion Day – A Year 6 Induction Day

Trinity recently ran a History induction afternoon for current Year 6 pupils joining us in September.

The afternoon was based upon Anglo Saxon life and started with a medieval medical display run by Mr Howell. It included how to deal with amputations and treat headaches.

Fighting in progress

Next up was a display of medieval combat. Several members of staff took up arms and showed how to fight off any invaders, such as the Vikings. There were sword fighting displays as well as shield work and defensive manoeuvres.

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The afternoon ended with all the Year 6 pupils taking part in a re-enactment of The Battle of Stamford Bridge. The battle began with the traditional mead toast, before advancing upon the Viking invaders. At Stamford Bridge, a Viking Axeman held them up before he was killed. The Saxons then advanced upon the Vikings, eventually trapping and slaying the English Traitor and Saxon King, thus ending the battle.

Photo Gallery

A Great Success

The afternoon was a great success and a fantastic way for the Year 6 pupils to learn about Saxon life.

A big thank you goes to Mr Howell and Mr Stevens who organised the event and to all the members of staff who helped out on that very hot afternoon.