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The Trinity Handbook

School Rules - An Outline


While the school is always eager to emphasise the positive achievements of students and staff, we are obliged to publish our rules. A list such as this can never cover every eventuality and students are expected to behave in a lawful, sensible and respectful manner at all times, whether or not their actions are covered by these rules.

A copy of these rules can be found in the Pupil Planner which every pupil carries.

School Rules

  1. School Uniform is compulsory throughout the first five years. Smart appearance is considered very important. 
  2. Outdoor coats must be plain - black or dark blue. Baseball caps are not allowed (a school hat is available from the school outfitter). Shoes should be practical and suitable for school - non-fashion (no trainers or boots allowed). 
  3. Rings, earrings, studs or jewellery (including tattooing and body piercing) are not allowed in, or to and from, school. Fingernails should not be too long to avoid danger to others, particularly in P.E. 
  4. Hair should be neither too long nor too short, neither dyed nor multi-coloured. A conventional non fashion style without lines, shaved sections, patterns or wedges. 
  5. P.E. is compulsory throughout the school and children must bring the correct school P.E. kit and a towel for showers. 
  6. Hair Gel or other deodorants, cosmetics etc. are not allowed. Aerosol cans may not be brought to school. 
  7. Chewing gum is not allowed in or around the school. 
  8. Glass containers are not allowed. Food and drink may not be consumed in class (except when in designated packed lunch areas). 
  9. Electrical goods, radios, personal stereos, mobile phones and pagers are not allowed in school. 
  10. Possession of matches or other ignition devices is forbidden. 
  11. Pupils may not bring any dangerous implements onto the premises. 
  12. Smoking is not allowed in, near, or on the way to and from school. 
  13. Alcohol, any illegal substances, drugs or chemicals are not allowed in, or to and from school. 
  14. Bullying in any form or description is not allowed. 
  15. Swearing and blaspheming are expressly forbidden. 
  16. Pupils must behave properly on their way to and from school and take care when crossing the road for lessons. 
  17. Pupils may not leave the premises without permission, particularly at lunch time and may not cross the dual carriageway of Beechdale Road. 
  18. Good behaviour is essential on school buses in order for the school to retain effective transportation. Only those who behave properly will be allowed to use them. 
  19. Pupils may not be rude or discourteous to others, including teachers and other adults including visitors. (Courtesy counts at Trinity). 
  20. Homework is compulsory and detention after school must be attended. (24 hours notice is given).
  21. Visitors, or parents, may not enter the premises without signing in at the Office. 
  22. Computers/Technology - Any misuse of our computer systems or breaking of ICT rules will be investigated by the staff and may lead to the student having this facility withdrawn from them. 
  23. Assemblies, R.E. lessons and some liturgical events are compulsory parts of the life of this Catholic school. 

Pupils are expected to behave in a manner befitting a school of a religious nature. At Trinity the values important to the church, throughout time, are vital.

This list is not an exhaustive list and pupils are required to apply ‘common sense’ in their conduct in and around school and to and from school.