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The Trinity Handbook

Sex And Family Education Policy - Part 2

YearSubjectFocusWhen TaughtDuration
7 Science
  • Reproductive organs
  • sexual intercourse
  • fertility treatment
  • periods/ menstrual cycle
  • being pregnant
  • a healthy foetus
  • giving birth
  • growing up/ puberty
Spring term 3 weeks
7 Pastoral time
  • People we can talk to
  • being body conscious
  • puberty
  • sex
  • STDs
  • resisting pressure
First half of spring term 6 weeks
7 RE
  • Our bodies change
  • our feelings change
  • the image of God & sexuality
Last half of summer term 2 weeks
8 Pastoral
  • Family
  • 'Faith in Families'
Summer term 5-6 weeks
9 Science
  • Revision of year 7 topics for SATS
End Feb 1-2 weeks
9 RE
  • Marriage and commitment
Last half of summer term 2 weeks
10 Pastoral time
  • Catholic teaching on sex
  • resisting pressure for sex
  • what is love?
  • why get married?
  • attitudes to sex
  • waiting for sex
Last half of autumn term 6 weeks
10 Science
  • IVF
  • cloning
  • genetic engineering
Autumn term (on rotation) 4 weeks
11 RE
  • Love
  • marriage
  • Church teaching on dignity of sex
  • pre-marital and extra marital sex
  • contraception
  • divorce
  • STDs/HIV
First half of autumn term 6 weeks
12/13 General RE and pastoral time
  • Sexuality and morality
  • family
on rotation over the year 3 weeks

At the onset of  the programme in Year 7 the Progress Co-ordinator will contact parents and invite them to support us in discussion at home.

Children Must Know Of:

Changes at puberty.  Implications of same for Health and Hygiene.  'How babies are made, born and cared for'.  Of the various forms of contraception including natural methods with their relative efficiency if employed correctly (and dangers of incorrect employment).  Ethical matters relating to sexuality.  Abortion and associated ethical matters.  Importance of family life.  Sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

Some sexual matters and a Catholic view of them (Sensitivity of approach needed):

  1. Sexual Intercourse - Is for within marriage - prevents or limits  the  emotional abuse, especially of women, STDs, unwanted children, AIDS etc., mental harm caused by subsequent rejection.
  2. Promiscuity - Morally wrong - debases sexual relationships - devalues personal feeling of worth - encourages STDs, unwanted pregnancy, cervical cancer.  AIDS etc.
  3. Artificial Contraception - Divorces sex act from its prime 'raison d'etre', childbirth.  Can result in a debasing of 'sex' to the mundane which can degrade sexual relationships and lead to promiscuity.
  4. Marriage - Essential to the emotional well being and security of children.  Should be at an age where participants can undertake required commitment and responsibility.
  5. Abortion - Morally wrong - sanctity of human life - the unborn given no choice.
  6. Homosexuality - Not what the reproductive faculty evolved for - divorces sexuality from its reproductive capacity.

Although the 'Catholic Sexual Moral Code' is seen by many as being extremely strict it arose:

  • To foster the emotional well being of the maximum number of people.
  • To prevent the spread of incurable STDs and is shared by peoples of many Christian and non Christian faiths.