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Catholic Life

Year 7 Advent Retreat

At the end of November, Year 7 put on their Christmas jumpers and came off-timetable to explore the themes of Advent.

Frances, our chaplain, led the day. The year team and a group of volunteer sixth formers lent a hand, supporting and encouraging the Year 7 pupils.

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The Annunciation

First, the pupils looked at the important figures in the story of the annunciation and birth of Jesus. Each form made something that symbolised one figure's role in the story. They presented the importance of that person to the rest of the year group.


After singing practice, the pupils prepared their parts for the afternoon liturgy. Each form had a role:

  • introduction to the liturgy
  • sorry prayers
  • readings and drama
  • bidding prayers
  • offering of gifts
  • Advent reflection
  • thank you prayers

Fr Stanley kindly gave us permission to use St Teresa’s Church for our liturgy. All the pupils contributed something to the celebration.

Year 7 Advent Retreat

Hopes for Christmas

On our return, the sixth formers led us in some guided meditations. They helped us to think about our hopes for Christmas and what we can give of ourselves to each other.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who contributed, particularly the Year 7 pastoral team, the Sixth Form volunteers and Frances, who led us.