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Year 7 English Campaigns

In February, Year 7 English classes presented their own campaign projects to demonstrate speaking and listening skills.

7EJ worked extremely hard and produced some stunning campaigns on a wide range of topics, including dementia awareness, knife crime, domestic abuse, animal cruelty, global warming, endangered animals, Water Aid and helping hands across the world.

Each group was well organised and ready to present in a professional manner on time.

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Hard-hitting Topics

Mrs Cardwell was very proud of her class for planning their campaigns and working together so effectively. The pupils chose some hard-hitting topics to campaign about and were all passionate about their choices.

Everyone displayed a high level of speaking and listening skills and many groups produced super PowerPoints, art work, logos and posters. Some made handouts and bookmarks for class members to keep. One group even wrote a song which they performed with confidence.

A Fantastic Project

It was a fantastic project and one which the whole class enjoyed. Everyone rose to the challenge and should be very proud of themselves.