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Design Technology

Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials studies woods, metals and plastics. It looks at how everyday objects are made. It also includes studying computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) as well as mechanisms and numerous forming techniques and processes.

Making bird feeders Bright red keylights Making airplanes A finished plane

It usually involves a lot of practical work which the pupils can take home when complete.

It is taught by Mr Stevens, Mr Bennett, Miss Medcalf and Mr Buxton.

Key Stage 3

During their time in Key Stage 3, the pupils undertake several design and make projects using a wide range of different resistant materials.

KS3 students with tools KS3 student working Trowels KS3 students with finished bird feeders

Examples of Projects

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Level

At the end of Year 9, the students can choose to take Resistant Materials as their DT option in Years 10 and 11. We study the AQA Resistant Materials course.

Croquet Set KS4 students working Garden chairs KS4 student working

Year 10

Year 10 is a foundation year in which the students do a lot of small design and make projects. The aim of the projects is to enable the students to work with a range of materials and experience many manufacturing processes. These projects not only prepare the students for their GCSE coursework in Year 11 but also give them some practical knowledge of the theory work needed for the written exam that is worth 40% of the whole GCSE.

Year 10 Mini-Projects Gallery

Year 11

In Year 11, the students work on their GCSE coursework (a design folder and piece of practical work worth 60% of their entire GCSE).

Outdoor Living: Examples of the GCSE coursework produced in Year 11

Not sure if you should opt for GCSE Resistant Materials?

Find out more on the GCSE Resistant Materials page which includes a video overview of the course.

AS and A2 Level

Resistant Materials is offered by Trinity at AS and A2 Level. We do the Edexcel Resistant Materials Product Design course and it is taught by Mr Stevens and Mr Holt.

GoKart Pool table Table tennis table Gym apparatus

AS Level

In Year 12 - AS Level, the students will produce a 'portfolio of creative skills' (coursework) and do theory work which is tested in a single exam.

The AS Level gallery page shows examples of projects at this level, from start to finish.

A2 Level

In Year 13 - A2 Level, the students undertake a practical project that is client based and do further work on materials and processes with a bias towards designing for the future.

The A2 Level gallery page shows examples of projects at this level, from start to finish, as well as a video of Go-Karts in action.

Not sure if you should opt for AS and A2 Level Product Design: Resistant Materials?

Further details of the Resistant Materials Advanced Level and an introductory video are available on the A Level Course Details page.

Resistant Materials Coursework

We have examples of coursework from previous years on the site.


Resistant Materials Around the School

As this is a practical subject, the department is often asked to make things for around the school. Items include props and parts of the set for school productions, weapons for the Big Push activity day and of course the infamous DT Dalek.

Big Push cannon and guns Students with the dalek Mr Stevens Working in the workshop

Find out more on our Resistant Materials Around Trinity page.