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Drama and Performance Studies

Year 11 GCSE Performance Evening

The Drama Department hosted a Year 11 performance evening in preparation for the pupils' GCSE Performance Exam.

Family and friends enjoyed a variety of extracts, from both modern and original versions of Greek Tragedy to the hard-hitting Royal National commissioned play Blackout. Audience members commented on the pupils' fantastic dedication and hard work and on their professional attitude.

The evening was the pupils' last practical performance before their first written exam.

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Shakers and Bouncers

These are two hard-hitting plays about Bouncers, at a night club, and Shakers, women who work in a bar. In both plays the cast multi-role different genders and take the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions.

The Burial at Thebes

In The Burial at Thebes, writer Seamus Heaney offers his translation of Sophocles' Antigone (c. 442 B.C.). Our adaptation of this devised contemporary version of Burial at Thebes shows the reactions to the brother’s death as the main cast, who also multi-role as the chorus, bring sections to life. Modern touches in costume and delivery are shown, to revive this ancient tale of love and self-sacrifice.


Blackout is the true story of a 15-year-old boy charged with attempted murder who tries to piece together the events in his life that have brought him into a secure care unit and threaten to keep him there. This short play packs a big emotional punch with its stylistic economy and razor-sharp storytelling.

My Mother Said I Never Should

My Mother Said I Never Should was written in 1985 and first produced in 1987. It holds the distinction of being the most performed play in the English language written by a woman.

Antigone (in a contemporary version) by Roy Williams

Roy Williams’ new version of Antigone re-imagines Sophocles’ tale about loyalty and truth, human nature and human behaviour in a contemporary world, creating a new piece of theatre. This adaptation has modern language at the heart of the play, with our extract featuring a cast of four focusing on the guards and the uncovering of Tig’s betrayal of Creon’s law.