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Drama and Performance Studies

Year 12 Performance - The Trial

On an evening in May, Drama students performed an extract, devised by Year 12, to an audience of family and friends.

They performed The Trial, by Franz Kafka, in the style of Steven Berkoff. Berkoff’s style of Total Theatre is to create extreme moods to give the audience an overwhelming experience and to shock, amuse, scare, or amaze them.

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The Trial

The students tell the story of an ambitious, worldly, young bank official named Joseph K who is arrested by two warders "one fine morning." The students perform multiple roles, as the chorus and as the protagonist, Joseph K.

The story develops and the audience begin to understand that ‘K’ has done nothing wrong. However, he is indignant and outraged and wants to find out why he has been arrested. The morning K is arrested happens to be that of his thirtieth birthday. One year later, on the morning of his thirty-first birthday, two warders again come for K...