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Drama and Performance Studies

Year 11 GCSE Performance

The Drama Department hosted a performance evening in preparation for the Year 11 GCSE Performance Exam.

Family and friends watched a variety of productions, from hard hitting topics, Taking Care of Baby, to physical theatre company Frantic Assembly’s work, Things I know To Be True. It was the pupils' last practical performance until their Unit 3 Exam.

Parents commented on the performers' fantastic dedication and hard work and the professional level of work observed during the evening.

Photo Gallery

Taking Care of Baby by Dennis Kelly

Taking Care of Baby tackles the complex case of Donna McAuliffe, a young mother convicted of the murder. In a series of probing interviews the people in this extraordinary story, including Donna herself and her bewildered mother Lynn, reveal how they may have harmed those they sought to protect.

Things I Know to be True by Frantic Assembly

As beautifully touching as it is funny and bold, Things I Know To Be True tells the story of a family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations.

DNA by Dennis Kelly

DNA follows the silent yet intimidating 16 year old Phil and his fearful following of misfits as they come to terms with the consequences of a practical joke that ends in tragedy.