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Drama and Performance Studies

Playhouse Masterclass

On 26th September, Theatre Drama students from Years 12 and 13 took part in a masterclass at Nottingham Playhouse.

The masterclass, lead by the Director of Pride and Prejudice, gave the students the chance to perform an extract of the play script on stage.

The group then enjoyed a public performance of the play in the evening.

Photo Gallery

Pride and Prejudice - with a Twist

It's the most famous love story our country has ever produced, yet the women don’t work, the servants don’t speak, and who cares how filthy rich Mr Darcy is when he is so arrogant and RUDE?

The touring production is a brand new comic adaptation by stand-up comedian Sara Pascoe, with an original score from Emmy the Great and directed by Susannah Tresilian (Director of Posh in 2015). It is a playful, truthful and occasionally disrespectful take on the brilliant novel.