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Drama and Performance Studies

Phoebe Brown

Phoebe Brown took time out of her busy schedule to return to the Drama Department to talk to our inspiring young actors.

Drama and Theatre Studies student Phoebe Brown left Trinity in 2010 but returned in May to talk to Years 11, 12 and 13 students. She spoke about her life after Trinity and her last performance off-Broadway in New York. Phoebe also talked about her journey through University and how, between jobs, she takes an active part in projects while waiting for her next role.

Phoebe with the students

She explained how important it is to get involved with clubs at University to make friends and to keep the creative mind active. She encouraged our students to get involved in drama classes and projects inside and outside of school as this was the catalyst to her performing off-Broadway this year.

Phoebe performed with others in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in a play called Life According to Saki. From this, they won a competition and part of this was to perform in New York. She explained that this was an exciting project and something that she would recommend our students to take part in, even just to visit the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in August.

Phoebe talking to the students

Thank you to Phoebe for giving up her time and we look forward to seeing her in her next performance.