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Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Achieving your Award is an adventure from beginning to end and this section can give you some of your most memorable experiences!

There'll need to be between four and seven of you in an expedition team. With your team, you'll plan an aim for your expedition, decide on your location and do lots of fun training to make sure you're fully prepared and know what you're doing! Your Leader will arrange a Supervisor to work with your team to organise all of this and help you plan your expedition.

A group with rucksacks ready to start a walk

Once you've done the preparation the fun starts when you go out and do a practice and a qualifying expedition. Once you've completed your final expedition you'll give a presentation about your experiences and your achievements to your Supervisor, Assessor or another adult.

The whole experience will give you laughs, arguments, joy and frustration along the way. But, by the end, you'll have better team and leadership skills, not to mention bags more confidence and a rucksack full of great memories!

Expedition Schedule

At Trinity we do four expeditions

Walk TimeDistanceLocation
1 Day Practice22 km / 14 milesVale of Belvoir
2 Day Walk (1 Night Camping) - Practice30 km / 20 milesSherwood Forest
3 Day Walk (2 Nights Camping) - Practice50 km / 30 milesWhite Peak
3 Day Walk (2 Nights Camping) - Assessed50 km / 30 milesWhite Peak

Previous Expeditions

Get a feel for what's involved by checking out stories of previous expeditions:

A view from Monsal Head

Expedition Planning

Pupils planning for their final two expeditions to achieve their Silver Award.

Planning a route on a map


Some useful documents relating to expeditions:

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