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Business Studies

GCSE Business Report

You have been asked to prepare a report for Mr Agius and Mr Dunning on the feasibility of selling organic vegetables grown on the Trinity Allotment.

You need to develop a MARKETING STRATEGY based on a wide range of PRIMARY and SECONDARY research. Your strategy should include all the elements of the MARKETING MIX (price, product, place and promotion)

Here is an outline of the tasks involved:

  • Secondary research about the market for organic vegetables in the UK: the size of the market, prices and the main businesses. You should also investigate the availability of organic vegetables in the Aspley area.
  • Primary research about the vegetable-buying habits of Aspley residents
  • The PRICE of organic vegetables: factors influencing price (demand, supply, competition and VAT); the effect of different pricing strategies
  • The PRODUCT - the seasonal nature of organic vegetables; the importance of selecting the right vegetables/varieties
  • The PLACEMENT of the products: how are the vegetables going to be distributed to the consumers? What impact does e-commerce have on retailing organic vegetables?
  • The PROMOTION of the organic vegetables: how advertising, promotional activities, public relations, branding and packaging will be used; the different methods of advertising that could be used and the motives you are trying to appeal to (e.g. an environmental conscience)
  • An evaluation of your strategy in terms of the impact of your promotional campaign, the impact of e-commerce and the effect of your pricing strategy.