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Business Studies


Business Studies involves managing resources in order to achieve an organisation's objectives. The organisation may be a National Health hospital, a state school, a large multinational company, a small shop or charity. The fundamental issue facing such an organisation is to decide how to make the best use of the limited resources at its disposal. In every business there will be a limited amount of finance, labour, expertise and technology etc. which can be utilised. Management has to decide how to get the most out of these resources.

Business Studies is a subject area that you will use throughout your life regardless of the career you choose. Every working environment is a business environment, be it a hospital or a bank. All have to manage their finances, motivate their employees, market their skills or products etc.

The subject can be taken further by opting for a degree in this area. Alternatively you may opt to seek employment in a related field.


Business Studies at Nottingham Trent

On Wednesday 30th June, Trinity's Sixth Form Business Studies students visited Nottingham Trent University, attending a variety of seminars and lectures.

"Dragons' Den" Marketing Project

The Year 12/13 Business students took part in a Dragons' Den activity where they had to create a product from a random selection of recycled materials.

Their product was then marketed to a friendly "Dragon", Miss Waugh, and each group produced a winner. This activity helped introduce the students to A2 Marketing and the concepts of product-led, market-led and asset-led businesses.

Unit 2 - People in Business Organisations - PowerPoint Resources


Controlled Assessment Advice

John Rae from the Nottingham City Council Youth Bank joined the Year 10 Business Studies pupils on the 7th and 13th of July to help them prepare for their controlled assessment.

Chef Interview

The school chef was interviewed by a Year 11 Business Studies class as part of their GCSE coursework assignment.

PowerPoint Resources

Word Documents

Business Report